FUN BIRD online!
What's the FUN BIRD?

The FUN BIRD is the class magazine of the Decartes-Gymnasium's 9e in Neuburg a. d. Donau (Bavaria, Germany). The FUN BIRD's history began with a spontaneous idea of Christian Fleck and Matthias Enghuber and today, the magazine is a serious and very popular project.

The idea to publish a class magazine was not very well received at first and many pupils thought that it would not take a very long time until the idea is forgotten again. But with the first number of the FUN BIRD - it had ten pages - the pupils' opinion changed. Everybody found an article that he or she was interested in and since that moment, the team was supported by the whole class.

Today, the FUN BIRD has been published for two years and it looks like that there won't be an end. So we hope to have as many FUN BIRD years as before. The motto will be: Continue as it was done so far!