FUN BIRD online!
About this web site...

We hope to introduce our class magazine, the FUN BIRD, to a bigger group of people with this little web presence.

A "Thank you!" goes to the webmasters of the Bürgernetz Neuburg-Schrobenhausen who have made these pages possible by giving us an upload permission for their server.

This web site was created with the help of normal and "easy-to-use" software just like the Windows editor (NOTEPAD.EXE), the Paint Shop Pro from JASC and - to create the logo and the bullets - Adobe Photoshop 4. In the sourcecode of these pages, basic HTML elements of the version 3.2 and Cascading Style Sheets of the version 4.0 are used. To make some cool effects (just like the glowing bullets) possible, some JavaScripts were written.

The FUN BIRD web site is updated by Andreas Schaal. So, if you have any questions about it please send an e-mail to: